At Friendship Mixers, our communities are called TRIBES.  A Tribe is a group of ladies who have a similar interest and want to connect in a group all their own.  We have several and are adding more each month.  Willing to step up and lead one of the below Tribes?  Great!  Fill out the form below.  If you have an idea for a tribe that is not featured below and you are willing to lead it, please fill out the form below or contact [email protected]  

Entrepreneurs Club

For women who own a business or plan to start one this year.  We all need a tribe to bounce ideas off of, find encouragement, inspiration and share tips.  All types of businesses are welcome.

Frequency:  seasonal

Leader:  Latosha Cullins and  Kiki Strickland

Finance Club

From Financial Peace University to a book discussion on Rich Dad, Poor Dad, this tribe is all about improving our finances.

Frequency: monthly

Leader Latosha Collins

Bible Study

Ladies, if you are interested in growing spiritually, this Tribe is for you.  Approved materials for this group are by Joyce Meyer, Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, Michelle McKinney Hammond, Christine Caine and several other ministers. If you have other authors whose studies you would like to present, please submit for approval.

Frequency:  twice per year

Leader: Open

Natural Hair Care Tribe

This tribe is for those on the natural hair journey.  We will meet to talk about styles, regiments, products and more.  Usually a lunchtime chat or on a Saturday night.

Frequency: monthly

Leader: Danni Bowens

photo by Thought Catalog

Book Club

Our book club is currently not your conventional book club. It is for women that love to read and who are open to sharing about what they are reading right now. Each person shares a little of the book they are currently on, as well as what they plan to read next. If it turns out there is consensus on a book, the ladies can read it together.

Frequency:  quarterly (seasonal)

Leader: OPEN

Note: we will eventually have several different book clubs going at once as there are different tastes in literature!

Wives' Club

Meet once a month to talk about marriage, husbands and wife issues. You can join whether you have been married for many years or you are a newlywed.

Frequency: monthly

Leader: needs a leader

Yoga Chicks

Time to stretch those muscles and get your body moving! We are currently designing our Yoga club and need leaders to choose the day/time/frequency.

Frequency: weekly

Leader: needs a leader

All the Single Ladies

This Tribe is for women who are not married, any age and any former relationship status (be it never married, divorced or widowed).  A variety of events will be planned for the group, from Game Nights to dinners out, guest speakers and more.

Frequency: monthly

Leader: Tanya Hedgepeth (DMV Chapter)

Fitness Chicks

The body needs at least 30 minutes of continuous movement!  Friendship Mixers has been meeting every weekday from Noon - 12:30 to exercise together. This is strictly walking, no chit-chat time. Whether it is Leslie Sansone's WALK AT HOME program, TEAM BODY PROJECT or a dance class, we do some type of workout via ZOOM every day. 

Wear your sneakers!

Frequency: DAILY

Leaders:  Kiki Strickland, Susan Weiner, Kerlley Aime

Community Service

Our Community Service or Outreach Tribe is all about giving back to the community.  We participate in soup kitchens, organize donations of all types, help build/clean/paint, etc. 

Frequency: varies

Leaders: Tracey Diep and Tina Luciano

Divorce Care

Ladies who are separated or divorced (or going through a divorce) are invited to our Divorce Care group. The next cycle starts in late August - November. The curriculum comes from and is a 13-week class.

Frequency: weekly (Saturdays from 9AM - 10:30AM EST)

Leader: Kiki Strickland

For more info, email [email protected]


This Tribe is for ladies that are moms.  No need to be superwoman.  Join us to chat about the joys and pains of parenting and how to be better, live fuller lives and obtain personal as well as professional goals, while raising kids.

Frequency:  every other month

Leader:  Kerlley Aime, Elizabeth Hoffman

Diva Ministers

Do you feel called to ministry?  Do you lead a facet or outreach at your church?  Are you a Pastor's wife? If you have felt the call, whether you are currently ministering yet or not, this group is for you.

Frequency: quarterly

Leader: Kiki Strickland

Travel Lovers

This is for the ladies who have traveling in their blood.  We will meet to share photos of our previous travels, travel virtually and discuss where we would like to go together as a group in the near future.

Frequency: every two months

Leader:  Kiki Strickland

Artists Club

This one is for the creative ladies! If you like to paint, draw, write poetry, sculpt, sing, dance, etc., this is your space. Showcase your work here in this group.

Frequency: monthly

Leader: needs a leader

Weight Loss Club

Do you need a group of ladies to inspire and encourage you?  Want to keep each other accountable for your health, nutrition or weight goals?  Then this one is for you.

Frequency:  weekly

Leader: needs a leader

Coaches Tribe

Coaches can join our Entrepreneurs Club, of course, but we also have a separate tribe just for women who are coaches!  If you work one on one with clients, or do group coaching, you have a special mandate to change people's lives.  We need to support one another and help each other grow. 

Frequency: quarterly (or as coaching events arise)

Leader:  Kiki Strickland

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If you would like to lead one of these TRIBES or if you have an idea for another TRIBE, please use this form to contact the founder.   Leaders must be official members so please JOIN before offering to assist.   Thank you!  We are looking for committed and creative ladies to help us with this growing organization.