Join us for our Annual Love Attraction Retreat

Martha's Vineyard is our vacation spot for single ladies that want to work on their love lives and relax, relate and release!  Each summer we hit the beaches of the Vineyard for a long weekend of "me time" and some girlfriend bonding.  While we could not go in 2020, we will be considering 2021 if all goes well, so please stay tuned!

Time for Oak Bluffs!

Our long weekend in Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard includes the official tour of the towns of the Vineyard, Love Attraction sessions and a one-on-one with the Dating Coach.  There is also down-time for yourself to relax, hit the shops or lay out on the beach.  Lodging is included in your Love Attraction Retreat package,  Stay tuned for more info for 2021 dates.