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Tired of being single? It's time for the next phase of your life!



Kiki is a Matchmaker for MEN ONLY.  Women are able to join her database HERE.

Men, Kiki will meet with you for an extensive interview before deciding to take you on as a client.  Her services start at $5000.  Please fill out the form at this LINK to get started.  Someone will get back to you to set up the interview.


Matchmaker (for Men) and Dating Coach (for ALL) Kiki Strickland, CPC, is ready to help you find LOVE.  Kiki has been working with singles since 2006, has appeared in EBONY MAGAZINE as a Top Matchmaker and Dating Coach and has helped create TEN marriages!  

Specializing in: 


African American


High Earners

and more!

A la carte options

One session

One hour session (virtual or in person) on any dating topic you'd like.

Set of 3 sessions

3 hours in person or virtual - savings of $75!!!

Online Dating Profile

Kiki will design an online dating profile for you, after a brief consultation.

Married in Two-Years or Less Program

Kiki's signature program for single women called MARRIED IN TWO-YEARS OR LESS is an intense, three-month, one-on-one program that has resulted in several marriages!  The Program is currently $2999 and is available by invitation only after a consultation with Kiki.

To schedule a consultation, click HERE