Friendship Mixers

Our Friendship Mixers are designed to provide a safe space for women to develop friendships with other women. If you are looking for a few new girlfriends or a BFF, here is an opportunity to meet women from your area and beyond. We meet monthly via ZOOM and use breakout rooms to get acquainted with like-minded ladies with similar needs.   We do it Speed Dating style - each person gets to chat with every person there for a few minutes before we switch.  It's a fun and easy way to find connections with a possible BFF or new close friend.  Membership is OPEN!

Become a Member today for only $50 per year.


Membership includes:

  • Monthly friendship mixer
  • Members Only events,
  • such as Poetry Night
  • Virtual Travel Parties 

and more!

History of Friendship Mixers

Take a look at this video by founder Kiki Strickland on how the women's organization started and to hear about some of our plans for the near future.

Kindred Spirits Membership

If you love Friendship Mixers and want to become more involved, the Kindred Spirits membership is for you.  This is for women who want to become a leader in the organization, possibly President of your local chapter.  It also gives you the opportunity to share your expertise with the group at one of our mixers.  You are given 10 minutes to showcase your business or speak on a particular topic before we break up into our mixing time.  You will be trained on how to lead an in-person mixer in your own area also.  For more information, please use the CONTACT us form.

Kindred Spirits Membership is $150


New cities added in 2021

We are currently in Washington, DC/Baltimore/Northern Virginia, Charlotte NC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston and New York City.  In 2021 we will open in the following cities:

  • Raleigh/Durham, NC
  • Dallas, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Houston, TX
  • London, England
Friendship Mixer


If you would like to sponsor a month of one of our meetups, please use the button below to pay $30.



Please use the button below to pay for a year of ZOOM for our group. $180



If you would like to help us bring Friendship Mixers to another city, please submit $300 here.


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Our members would like some swag to celebrate and rep our organization.  The below products and a host of others are available for purchase

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Upcoming Events

SATURDAY: 2/6/21

12PM - 1PM EST - Friendship 101 Mixer

SUNDAY: 2/14/21


SATURDAY: 3/6/21

12PM - 1PM EST - Frientimacy

Part 2 of the Friendship Series