Be the STAR of your own PERSONAL 

Dating Reality Show!!!

For women that want to begin dating immediately and are OK with chronicling it for a group of ladies to watch!

Begins June 1, 2022

Are You Ready???

Don’t worry, you will not be revealing your private life to the whole WORLD, just a group of like-minded single ladies like you!

This six-week program is for you if you are

Not sure how to jump start your dating life.

• Want guidance and instruction on how to begin living your best dating life!

• Have six weeks (requires two hours per week) to focus on YOU.

• Tired of being single and you are now ready to mingle!

You will be in a group of women working with Matchmaker & Dating Coach Kiki Strickland for this short time. Your image and likeness will NOT be shared with the general public, only the other ladies.  This is a SIX WEEK journey with other single ladies that will JUMP START your love life!!!




About Kiki Strickland

Kiki Strickland, CPC, Matchmaker

Kiki has been working with singles since she started her dating business in 2006.  First doing events where singles could mingle, she began matchmaking for men shortly after.  In 2009 she became a certified dating coach.  She has a BA in Communications from Howard University and THREE coaching certifications, including one as a  Relationship Coach for Singles.  Her signature program, Married in Two Years or Less , has resulted in EIGHT marriages!

If you would like to work one-on-one with Kiki, CLICK HERE for options.